Hey, I'm Adam Zeller

Thanks for stopping by. I started my photography journey shortly after High School, when I took my first DLR camera to Egypt. There was no shortage of incredible things to photograph during my travels, and becoming more familiar with my interchangeable-lens camera sparked my interest in taking a few classes at my local University. Since then, I have over fifteen years of photography experience and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Utah Valley University photography program.

I've always been interested in technology and art, and I feel that photography merges the two perfectly. I love working with clients to achieve a collaborative artistic vision, or capture special moments from an important day.

I pride myself on being a versatile photographer, as I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subject matter and styles. Whether it be a moody portrait or an expansive landscape, I love to create scenes that a viewer can feel transported to. I also have growing experience as a videographer. My original passion was filmmaking so it's been empowering using what I've learned in still photography to implement into video projects. As I continue to hone my skills, I can't wait for where the next photographic journey takes me.


“Adam’s photography skills and professionalism were top-notch. The impressive images he captured for our website and marketing materials were truly outstanding. Highly recommend for any photography needs. Thank you for your excellent work, Adam!”

“Adam has been so hospitable and accommodating every time we have had him as our photographer. We enjoy the fact that he truly cares about capturing the most important memories and making sure to give back good quality photos.”

“Making my first feature film was the culmination of everything I had been working towards throughout most of my life. It was very important to me that the behind-the-scenes process be thoroughly captured. I hired Adam to be my onset photographer, to capture the making of the film. Adam was an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn't be happier with the footage I received. He is a great guy with a real talent for capturing provocative and artistic images.”

“Adam Zeller is a marvelous photographer whom I've had the pleasure of working with for over a decade. His portraits, landscapes, and abstract works have all been top-notch. I've applied his imagery in everything from my workplace, to my wedding, to my art projects. His is the first name that comes to mind for capturing exactly the visions I've sought, and I'll certainly be returning for the decades to come.”

“I am a very sentimental person. Pictures mean a great deal to me because they capture a moment in time. I've had many photographers come and take pictures for me because I feel each photographer has something special to offer. That being said Adam's photos are by far some of my favorites to date. He exceeded my expectations and although I'm always open to new photographers, I really don't feel a huge need to try and go out and look because I trust he can”

“Adam is a great photographer. He is able to capture details and edit photos perfectly to illuminate key features you want in your photographs. He takes direction well and has nice equipment to ensure you get an awesome shot. Not to mention, he’s a pleasant person to work with. I will definitely be booking him again.”

“I love working with Adam because he always seems to have a clear idea of what he wants from a photoshoot. While he gives clear directions of what to do for the shoot he always leaves an equal opportunity for me to have the freedom to pose how I want to or help give input/ideas into the photo process as well. I have never felt as confident in working with a photographer as I have with Adam.”

“Adam's commitment to bettering himself and his imagery is truly inspiring. He brings a positive energy to every project and has a remarkable ability to get along with just about anyone. His willingness to try new things and experiment with different techniques sets him apart. We have collaborated on multiple projects, and I have always found him to be super easy to work with.”