The Reno Air Races, 2022

The first time I discovered the Reno Air Races was when I was a kid. My Dad brought me a VHS tape showing off the impressive sky races and aerial demonstrations of the daring pilots of stunning aircraft. Many years later, in 2022 I'd finally find myself at the event in person with my brother, a pilot himself.

I made sure to rent a long lens for this event, 600mm so I could capture the aircraft as close as I could when they flew by. There were plenty of opportunities to photograph the planes on the ground with their dedicated pilots and crews too. Many of these planes had a long history at the event, and their liveries were well known among the racing enthusiasts.

The military had a presence at the event, with jet fighter aerial demonstrations. I had long wanted to dabble in aviation photography, specifically to photograph jet fighters, and I finally had that opportunity. The F-22 team in particular pulled of some very impressive maneuvers. There were also 'historical flights' as part of the demonstrations, where you'd have current and historical fighters flying side by side.

The experience of my first air show and air race event was quite a memorable one, and I'm looking forward to making it back to Reno in the future. And who knows, maybe one day I'll be a pilot myself. If my brother is any example, you're never too old to take it on.

I expect to continue engaging in aviation photography, so if you have need of photography services for personal or commercial reasons, I'd love to collaborate! Feel free to reach out to me using the contact form below.