Whenever we start down a path that significantly impacts our lives, typically we can trace its origins to meaningful experiences. I remember when I received my first DSLR interchangeable lens camera, the Canon Rebel XTi, back in 2007. I had always had an interest and love of art, but I really didn't have much photography experience before I had this camera. Most of my creative pursuits were making home movies using a camcorder, or drawing. I think I took one photo class in High School but that was about it. But after I became acquainted with this camera, I took a great interest in the world of still photography, and it would eventually become my major at University.

At first though, I'd take my camera with me on my travels. I remember visiting Los Angeles and New York, taking pictures of whatever I found interesting. It wasn't until early 2008, when I'd take a trip to the other side of the planet with my father, that I'd really feel like I was starting to understand my camera and what it could do.

Egypt 2008

Egypt was really something. This was a trip that my Dad and I had wanted to do for some time, and we finally made it happen. We'd spend three weeks in the country, starting in Cairo and then traveling with a tour group to numerous sites. Presented with a culture completely foreign to me, as well as wonders of the ancient and natural world, I ended up taking many photos during my time there. At this point I had a pretty good understanding of basic photography, and I'd utilize concepts like the rule of thirds, composition, repetition, to capture material I was satisfied with.

From the Great Pyramids in Cairo and the Karnak Temple in Luxor, to the otherworldly Black and White deserts, and many other sites, Egypt provides a bounty of incredible subject matter to photograph. As I'd take more pictures, I'd feel more comfortable with my camera, and it would invite me to spend more time examining my incredible surroundings as I looked for appealing ways to frame them. I have to wonder if I would've still eventually gravitated towards a career in Photography had I not had my trusty Rebel with me for those three weeks.

While Egypt has seen political and societal turmoil since my visit back in 2008, it remains a popular destination for tourists and photographers. Since my visit I progressed through the photography program at Utah Valley University, developing further skills over the years. I'd love to go back someday, and take everything I've learned back to where I really got into photographic exploration.

Travel photography is a special category, it allows us to to be transported to all sorts of amazing places we've once been, want to go to, or will just be visiting within the pictures. I've always loved traveling, and I can't wait to see where my next journey takes me. If you have need of travel photography, please check out my portfolio sub-section, and feel free to contact me if you'd like to collaborate on travel imagery.